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Regenerative Retreats

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New Mystics
February 15, 2022 · changed the group description.

New Mystics will be offering small group meditation retreats and online meditation retreats beginning mid-2022. All retreats are suitable for people with mild to moderate environmental sensitivities. Retreats are also trauma-sensitive which means teachers are informed in ways to make meditation safe and comfortable for those with a history of trauma. These retreats are NOT designed for healing trauma. We can also offer guidance on setting up an at-home retreat and provide practice check-ins. Meditation for awakening retreats can be challenging in many ways and our teachers do all we can to encourage rest, adaptive postures, and appropriate practice schedules. These are not resting or spa retreats but we do aim to give you a regenerative experience. Please contact us to be put on our retreat email list.

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    New Mystics will be offering small group meditation retreats...
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